Fun Captcha

No stitching to show today! ;)

Just to talk about the comments!

I have a lots of spam messages since November, so for stop it, I add a captcha plugin!
But please, don’t go away because of that!

This captcha is fun! No numbers and letters! Just images that you can drag with your mouse!

Example – Comments (Leave a Reply)

1. Write your “Name”
2. Write your “Email”
3. Write your “Website/Blog”
4. Write your “Comment”

♥ And now the new plugin:

5. Sweet Captcha

You will read a message like that:

“Verify your real existence,
Drag the oranges to the juice”

♥ Take a look at the picture, use your mouse …

6. The “orange” image it will appear close to “juice”. Then click on the Post Comment and is done!

Feel free to try it!
And feel free to email me with your questions (you can find my email here).

Enjoy your stitching!
Have a nice week!


I’m back after spend one week in Spain.

Some pictures about my trip.

Bilbao, Basque Country (Guggenheim Museum) :

Santander, Cantabria:

Oviedo, Astúrias:

Gijón, Astúrias:

Thanks for stopping by today!!
See you soon!