My basket is full…

This year I have not yet made a single cross stitch… I have been knitting…

My country now is on our second lockdown… deaths and cases have surged in the last 15 days… it is very sad…

I decided to add some of my work and progress (WIP’s) and finished pieces into a basket.

I need to fully finish some pieces from the basket above. I need to stitch some of them since I have projects with little stitching to do. And of course I need to add some new stuff to the basket!

Next Saturday I will show you one of the pieces of the basket!

This year I knitted a hat for my husband and I am knitting my first sweater, photos coming soon.

But I will share some knitted pieces from last year, a shawl and socks.

This shawl is my version of Age of Gold by Joji Locatelli. I used a gray colour for the main colour (yarn by Ovelha Negra Victoria, colour number 33) and the border is pink (yarn by Ovelha Negra Victoria, colour number 001). I did a bad job, per usual, blocking this piece, the border needs some fixing. There are more photos on my Ravelry page.

I did manage to knit ten pairs of socks, two pairs for my husband and eight for me!

From left to right: Meias TPC by Cristina Ferreira; Fresh Air socks by Karalee Harding and Dreaming of Paris socks by Joji Locatelli. All the information about the socks are on my Ravelry page too.

It’s all for today! Thanks for your visit! Be safe! See you soon!

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  1. Hi Lili,lovely to see you🙂It is so sad what is happening in our countries all over the world.We are struggling here too,lovked down again so thank goodness for stitching,knitting and all crafts.The lace edge of your shawl is beautiful💖
    I love the pattern variety in your socks too.I am looking forward to seeing your stitching from your basket😊
    Take care Lili x

  2. Our country could use a lockdown! We have WAY TOO MANY people dying every day. 🙁
    Lovely, lovely shawl my friend. Such wonderful socks too!

  3. Hello Lili, I have a basket of things to finish as well. This year I am trying hard to complete them. Your shawl is beautiful and I love your colours. It looks so feminine. I too, look forward to your next post. You are a great inspiration.
    Blessings Gail.

  4. You had a very productive year! Love all your socks, such fun patterns and colors. The stitching is waiting for you for when the mood strikes!

  5. Your knitting is amazing! I do not knit so I really appreciate others’ efforts! I especially love those purple socks. I can’t wait to see all the contents of your lovely basket!

  6. Happy New Year Lili!!

    This virus is indeed a very sad thing Lili. I wish it would just go away the same way it just turned up. unexpectedly! It is devastating the world and destroying families. I see nothing wrong with your shawl, it is gorgeous in my opinion! Love the colors too. The socks are cute too!! Hope you get in some cross stitching soon, at least enough to clean out your basket!

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