Some stitching and knitting

Hello, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.
This post should have been done in the beginning of September, but I had a family urgency.
My mother had surgery and I spent a few weeks with my father and then with both.
She had a great recovery. I am very proud and blessed for our public health system is able to deal with the pandemic and other medical care very well…

And now some stitching… this piece is an old work in progress by Gigi R…

Finally finished:

Design by GiGi R Designs – Elizabeth Precious 1817.
Stitched on 40 count Vintage Country Mocha with DMC and Gentle Art Threads.

Turned out very pretty and I am so happy that is finished!

Knitting… two pair of socks!

Pattern: MineCraft Socks by Heather Cox
Needle: ChiaoGoo 2.75mm
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Rustico, Colorway 3811

Pattern: Conundrum Socks by Saffron Start
Needle: ChiaoGoo 2.75mm
Yarn: Colorway 104 Sphene by CoopKnits Socks Yeah!

I hope to post very soon but no promises…

Thank you for your visit! Hugs!

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Hi, I'm Lili! Welcome to my personal stitching blog! I love hearing what you have to say! Please come back again soon!


  1. I am glad that your family is doing well now Lili.
    Your sampler is just lovely my friend.
    Your socks are wonderful.
    Do take care!!

  2. Your Sampler is beautiful, congrats on your finfish1
    Those socks look so warm.
    Glad your family’s health issues are resolved.

  3. Lili,itis lovely to see your stitching and knitting.
    I love how your stitching looks antique.The patterns of your socks are lovely.
    I hope your mother is doing really well.

  4. Glad to see you posting and to hear that your family is doing well. Your Sampler turned out beautifully! I love your socks too!

  5. Your sock knitting is perfection. It’s one of my goals to learn how to do that! And the sampler is just lovely-the colors!

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