A Sampler Story

Hello everyone!

I started this piece in 2011. Yes, a long time ago…
Why I stop stitching it? Not sure…

So this year I went to my UFO¹ treasure box and decided to finish it!
I had the first twelve blocks completed in 2013 and some of the “Rejoice Rejoice” block, I found a mistake on this square and I stop stitching it (maybe is one of the causes of putting it away).
Unpicked all the stitching on the block and I started it again. And finally here he is:

Design by The Sampler Company – A Sampler Story.
Stitched on 40 count Newcastle Cream linen with DMC threads.

One of my favourites squares of this design is the mermaid:

Do you have any favourite block?

Thanks for visiting!
Happy stitching,


¹UFO = Unfinished Object Project 

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  1. A beautiful piece, glad you brought it back out and finished it.
    I like the Noah’s Ark block, too cute.
    Your Biscornu on your header is cute also.

  2. Merveilleux Lili,ce sampler est magnifique!
    Heureusement vous l’avez terminé.
    Et mon bloc préféré est celui avec les petites filles au parapluie!

    Amicalement a vous

  3. Oh Lili! This is just gorgeous! Well done. I very much like the block with the gentleman riding his horse and the dog running along also.

  4. What a gorgeous piece of work Lili.All the designs a lovely,especially the top line second from the left.I love the little hearts,but it is hard to choose.

  5. What a beautiful sampler! I like the sweet oranges one…but maybe that’s because here in Arizona, the orange trees are blooming and it smells heavenly!

  6. This is such a gorgeous design. Congratulations on finishing it.
    It’s often a mistake that makes us stop stitching on a project, or a fabric we don’t like stitching on. So good that you pulled it out again and finished it.
    My favorite block would be the Forest Fauna and the Oak Tree.

  7. Lili, I’m so glad you finished this gorgeous stitch. One box is more charming than the next, this is truly a work of art! Congrats on your beautiful finish.

  8. I’m so glad you brought this out and finished it, Lili–it is so beautiful. One of my blogging friends from Ireland stitched it a few years ago and I remember how much I admired hers, too 🙂 Hard to pick a favorite block–I think I like the full coverage one with the church and the man on horseback, though.

    Congratulations on a lovely finish!!

  9. What a wonderful project, I am so pleased that you finished it at last! I agree with Brigitte, my favourite blocks are the Forest Fauna and the Oak Tree too.

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