Traveling Gift Bag II


You may remember, that in March I received a Traveling gift bag from Paulette and that my gift has traveling to another member of this “bag swap”.

So is time to post what I send to Margueritte Chiffons.

Cotton and flannel fabrics, threads, ribons and laces, thimbles, postcards, little soaps…
And two handmade gifts, a cushion and a little prim heart!

I will show to you the handmade gifts in other posts.

I’m really happy that she liked my present and also for being a part of this lovely idea!

Thanks Carole for host the “Le voyage du sac à cadeaux”!!!

See you soon,

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  1. Hello Lili,
    I saw that you had already participated by chance in the bag with gifts. I also created a bag with gifts the round of gifts and I invite you to see this adventure of the Friendship in my blog: http: // There are already 20 registered participants and I would like that my bag with gifts crosses the borders because for me the Friendship has no borders. That is why I contact you today.
    Maybe you would like to join us. It would please me.
    See you soon maybe

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