Happy New Year


I hope you all had a great Christmas!

A lot has happened since May.
I apologize for the long absence. We (me and my husband) bought a house.

This is my 2015 stitching review (you can see all my works during 2015 here):

Thank you so much for follow me and for all the kind words about my stitching!

I hope all of you have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2016!!
Happy New Year!!

See you soon!! Hugs,

Traveling Gift Bag II


You may remember, that in March I received a Traveling gift bag from Paulette and that my gift has traveling to another member of this “bag swap”.

So is time to post what I send to Margueritte Chiffons.

Cotton and flannel fabrics, threads, ribons and laces, thimbles, postcards, little soaps…
And two handmade gifts, a cushion and a little prim heart!

I will show to you the handmade gifts in other posts.

I’m really happy that she liked my present and also for being a part of this lovely idea!

Thanks Carole for host the “Le voyage du sac à cadeaux”!!!

See you soon,

Traveling Gift Bag


Last year I join to the “Le voyage du sac à cadeaux de Scarole” – Traveling Gift Bag.

You can read the rules here. Scarole bag is the number 166!!

The bag is traveling around the world, and inside, each member add some presents.

Paulette, send me this lovely gift:

Nice postcards from she lives, threads, thread keeps, thimble… so pretty stash!
And some sewing pieces! The “bug” smells so good (lavender…)!!!!
I love the little house and the sheep pocket!!I’m so happy to receive Paulette’s gifts!!!

Merci, Paulette!! 😉

Now is my turn to send some little gifts for the next member, on Monday the bag is traveling again! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy weekend,