Quaker Street

Hello everyone!

I started this piece last year (New Year, New Start) and it was my weekend stitching project, sometimes I also stitched this during the week.
When I decided to add the last stitches in the last week of 2018, I noticed that I forget to stitch the letter “N”. I riped out all the stitches till the letter “M” and I re-started. And now is done!

Design by Marjorie Massey – Quaker Street.
Stitched on 40 count Early America hand dyed linen by Barbaral Creations with Carriage Black floss by The Gentle Art.

This piece have some wonderful motifs! Some of my favourites is the cat and the sun!

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  1. I love this piece!
    It’s so pretty. Never saw this one.
    Sorry you had to rip some out, but it looks wonderful.
    Congrats on your pretty finish.

    1. Marjorie Massey have other pieces under the name Le Passe Compose! She now have a Facebook page that you need to take a look 😊 and also she sells charts in PDF format! I have a huge Christmas piece by her that become a UFO… And other piece too… lol … Thank you so much for your comment, Marilyn!!! 😘

  2. What a big, beautiful finish, Lili!! I’m sorry about the missing letter and all the extra work that caused you, but it looks absolutely delightful on that pretty fabric ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Carol! Rip out stitches is also part of this craft… It is sad when we do mistakes… The fabric is beautiful like the design! Happy Sunday!! 😘

  3. Oh Lili, Your work is such an inspiration. I also like the lady and the dove and the little house in the middle. Your beautiful piece here makes me want sit down and stitch, however it is Monday morning here in Australia and I need to do some house work. Stitching will have to wait a little while.
    Blessings to you, Gail.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Gail!! Thank you so much for your comment!! 😊 This piece have so many wonderful motifs!! I really hope that you can stitch today!! Thank you!! 💕

  4. Lili, this is beyond gorgeous. I can just imagine the time that has gone into stitching this beautiful piece. Those solid black areas must have taken forever. I love it so much. Oh I can imagine how you felt when you realized you left out a letter…but we all do things like that. And, the finished result is wonderful. Happy New Year my friend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Oh yes RJ, some parts toke forever to stitch…and so many floss…😊 I really love it so much!! Thank you RJ!! Happy New Year to you too!! Hope we can stitch a lot this Year!! 😉❤

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