Versatile Blogger Award


Kim from Wired to My World, pick me up for this nice Tag Award!
A big Thank You!!

7 things about myself:

1.I prefer Winter!
2.In the Summer I just like the beach and the sea!
3.I love reading!
4.I love the show Criminal Minds! (and others…)
5.My favourite month is March!
6.I have short hair!
7.I am addicted to the Wii! (Wii Fit!…) Wink

 The Award is for all my readers who like it!

Thanks to all for your visits and comments on my last post!



Last Sunday I found out I was nominated by Toni from the blog Toni’s Favorite Things for the Stylish blogger award!
Thank you so much, Toni!

Rules of the award:

1. List things about me:
I am reading Codex 632 from José Rodigues dos Santos.
I love traveling.
I love cats and dogs.
I love the beach.
I love to visit antique fairs.

2. Pass the award to others blogs:

You are all worthy of the award so consider yourselves gifted!


Edited: 27 March

K1nS also give me this award! Smile Thank you!